Environmental Commitment 

As a growing housebuilder in the UK with a strong track record in brownfield regeneration, we are committed to creating developments that add lasting value to the landscape of the country. All of our previous projects, such as Cresta House in Luton which is transforming a former office block into almost 100 new flats in the heart of Luton City Centre, and Vision House in Wimbledon Chase which has turned an old Art-Deco office block into 22 beautiful flats, have focused on discovering “diamonds in the rough” and converting these brownfield sites into good-quality housing in areas that have previously suffered from a dearth of good housing stock. By developing brownfield sites, we believe that this is one of the most environmentally sound approaches to urban redevelopment, as we have focused on minimising the environmental impact on the green belt and preventing uncontrolled urban sprawl across the country.

We are committed to design our new developments with energy efficiency as a top consideration, reducing carbon emissions and concomitantly, your energy bills, resulting in a win-win situation for both our customers, and the planet. We are also committing to ensure the responsible sourcing of our building materials from environmentally sustainable sources, recycling a large proportion of our site waste, and where practicable, the inclusion of gardens, and communal green spaces in our developments.


Our flagship masterplan development, St Georges Gardens in Weybridge, aims to set a new standard in brownfield regeneration, converting a business park into what will be one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the heart of one of Surrey’s most desirable towns.