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Who We Are?

LEOS International has been expanding in the global property market with a wide range of business scopes including property funding, property development, acquisition, architecture & planning, project management, property valuation and quality design.

About LEOS

LEOS provides investors and customers with KEY-TO-KEY services from the beginning till the end of development. LEOS deals with a wide range of property typologies, including residential, commercial and other mixed-use developments.

LEOS has been established typically through collaborating with Investors as Equity Funder then working the local Lenders on the project development side.

What We Do

The key business including the following aspects:

Land / Development Finding

Project Funding

Planning Application & Design

Development Appraisal

Project Management

Construction Management



Sales & Rental Management

The Team

We have dedicated professional team, which has a broad international perspective and in-depth professional understanding on the UK market.